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Measuring Credit Risk (The Glenlake Risk Management Series)

Measuring Credit Risk (The Glenlake Risk Management Series)

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A business and/or credit manager needs to know how decisions about giving and taking credit can be reasched and to understand in more detail how the various methods of analysis are used. That is the purpose of this book. It introduces the various means of assessing credit worthiness and applies them to different situations. This book explains the role played by credit rating agencies and the natur eof the ifnroamtion suppied. It also explains what other sources of information can be obtained. Having established the kind of infroamtion that is necessar to guage the level of credit risk, the manual examines in turn the various methods of assessing differen industries. This includes in-house credit assessments, industry and country risk, setting and policing credit limits and credit deterioration. It also includes specific guidance on assesing the creditworthiness o banks.