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Entertainment Industry Economics: A Guide for Financial Analysis

Entertainment Industry Economics: A Guide for Financial Analysis

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The entertainment industry is one of the largest sectors of the United States economy and fast becoming one of the most prominent globally. In this fully revised book, Harold L. Vogel examines the business economics of the major entertainment enterprises: movies, television, and cable programming, music, broadcasting, casino wagering and gambling, sports, publishing, performing arts, theme parks, and toys. He has also added a new section pertaining to recent theoretical work explaining box office performance. He offers new material that links the concept of cultural capital to the organizational aspects shared by all creative industries, expands the coverage of deal elements in the music industry, and provides additions to the sports economics chapter. The result is a comprehensive, up-to-date reference guide on the economics, financing, production, and marketing of entertainment in the U.S. and overseas. Investors, business executives, accountants, lawyers, arts administrators, and general readers will find that the book offers an invaluable guide to how entertainment industries operate. Harold L. Vogel has been selected as a top leisure industry analyst nine times by Industrial Investor. He is a member of the New York State Governor's Advisory Board for Motion Pictures and Television. Vogel was a senior analyst with Merrill Lynch for seventeen years and is an adjunct professor at the Graduate School of Business at Columbia University. He is also the author of Travel Industry Economics (Cambridge, 2000).
6th edition.