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The Foundations of Pension Finance (Elgar Reference Collection)

The Foundations of Pension Finance (Elgar Reference Collection)

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The Foundations of Pension Finance presents in two authoritative volumes a selection of the most important published articles on systems of retirement income provision - an area that is of vital importance for the future of the economy in general and thefinancial system in particular.

The collection makes a very important contribution towards a better understanding of the various factors which influence the outcomes arising from systems of retirement income provision. The fields of pension finance and pension economics are fortunate in having benefited from penetrating contributions from a range of distinguished scholars.

The volumes are divided into five sections. The first section features material relevant to the role of pensions in the broadoverall development of financing arrangements in the context of the economy as a whole. The second focuses more closely on pension provision in the context of capital markets. The third looks at pensions as they affect the economic behavior of the personal sector, while the fourth is a companion piece examining the link of pensions to corporate finance. The final section examines important issues in pension reform facing government.

This book will be essential reading for economists concerned with pensions and the problems of old age, financial economists as well as practitioners involved in the pension industry.