Exchange Traded Funds: An Insider's Guide to Buying the Market

Exchange Traded Funds: An Insider's Guide to Buying the Market

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The exciting class of funds for the new millennium

"By now, most sophisticated investors have recognized the value of exchange traded funds as flexible and cost-effective tools for accessing global markets. Wiandt and McClatchy’sbook provides essential background on the rapid proliferation of ETFs worldwide, specific product information, and a range of useful investment applications for different types of investors, all in a highly readable framework."
–Steven A. Schoenfeld, Managing Director, Head of International Equity Management, Barclays Global Investors

"Exchange traded funds are the most exciting new investment vehicle that Wall Street has wheeled out in many years. In this clear, comprehensive new book,Jim Wiandt and Will McClatchy not only deliver the ‘insider’s guide’ that their subtitle promises, but also help investors get their bearings in using these new instruments effectively."
–John Prestbo, Editor, Dow Jones Indexes

"Comprehensive, authoritative, and beautifully written. A must for both individual investors and professionals interested in this rapidly evolving area: Don’t buy shares without it."
–William Bernstein, Efficient Frontier Advisors

"Exchange Traded Funds, like the Web site that its authors help run, is must reading for every investor who uses ETFs."
–Gary Gastineau, Nuveen Investments

"Exchange traded funds meet the two primary objectives for successful investing: they add value and they’re cheap. From one cover to the other, this book provides insight into the ETF market that can benefit all investors."
–Diane Garnick, Global Investment Strategist, State Street Global Advisors