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Asian Business Wisdom: From Deals to Dot.Coms, Revised Edition

Asian Business Wisdom: From Deals to Dot.Coms, Revised Edition

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Asian Business Wisdom Lessons from the Region's Best and Brightest Business Leaders "A compelling profile of the CEOs behind some of today's most successful Asian businesses. Asian Business Wisdom reveals the secrets behind their success and provides insights into succeeding not only in business, but in life." Guy Kawasaki CEO, Garage.com Author, Rules for Revolutionaries "Dinna Dayao has produced an inspirational compilation of both corporate and life philosophies from some of Asia's top business leaders. From the vision and dynamism which created the success of Asia's best known multinationals, through business models which lead to their success, to up-to-date lessons learned in the recent economic crisis, this is a comprehensive and in-depth review. From the fresh Business school graduate to the seasoned senior executive, Dayao provides a thoughtful and information-packed guide to managing-not just in our region but in the global environment which awaits us in the new millenium." Peter Bennett Managing Director Bennett Associates Ltd, Hong Kong "Successful business leaders have always been a good think tank for us to tap into for insights and inspiration. Dinna Dayao has put together in Asian Business Wisdom the best of the region's top business mindsin the business arena. Great ideas selected with a deft hand. A really enjoyable read." Jeff Zhou Editor Chief Executive China "Asian Business Wisdom offers us a look into the hearts and minds of some of Asia's leading entrepreneurs and business builders. Despite the differences in age and cultures, common traits emerge from their business philosophies." Guillermo Luz Executive Director, Makati Business Club Managing Director, The Knowledge Institute