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Engineered in Japan: Japanese Technology - Management Practices

Engineered in Japan: Japanese Technology - Management Practices

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Many Japanese companies have developed fundamental technological and manufacturing strengths. These are generally not in the form of new hard technologies that no one else has, but rather management and human resource practices that enable the company tolearn, evolve, and improve. This edited collection identifies technology management practices that have become a major source of competitive advantage for excellent Japanese companies. The book documents best practices from such companies as Toyota, Hitachi, Toshiba, and Nippondenso, and discusses how these technology management practices can be usefully adopted in other cultural contexts.

Each chapter is based on original research by a noted scholar in the field. The book covers the technology life cycle including applied R&D, product-process development, manufacturing methods and management, and technology deployment and organizational learning. Authors all delve below the surface of Japanese management approaches by looking at old practices in newways, bringing new data to light that contradict conventional thinking, or identifying practices that are yet to appear in the literature.