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Global Airlines

Global Airlines

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Global Airlines presents an overview of the changing scene in the airline industry covering current issues of privatization, de-regulation and the emergence of transnational airlines. One of the leading academic authorities on the industry discusses and interprets topics such as * mergers and alliances * code-sharing, franchising and block spacing * increasing concentration * changing patterns in the configuration of route networks.

Global Airlines surveys airline companies around the world and the services they operate. This second edition includes:
* new material on airline alliances.
* updates to reflect recent developments.
* extended discussions of the major transatlantic alliance galaxies (the Star Alliance, the BA/American group, the KLM/Northwest group and the Delta/Swissair/Sabena group).
* greater space devoted to airports slots issue.
* deeper analysis of customer loyalty schemes and their implications for the future of airline competition.
* revised section on pro and anti-competitive effects of global airline groupings reflecting the intense focus that has been placed on this debate.
* substantial expansion on final chapter to debate the pros and cons of various policy options both for airlines and competition authorities.
* comparisons drawn with developments taking place in other industries, in particular the telecommunications industry.

Draws on author's own research
Completely up-to-date concerned only with current issues
Readers are givena forward-looking analysis of the coming shape of the industry in the next decade.