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Business Guide to Thailand (Business Guide to Asia)

Business Guide to Thailand (Business Guide to Asia)

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Doing business in Thailand is very different from doing business anywhere else in Asia. There are a variety of cultural, religious and historical reasons for this. In addition, Thai law has developed over the centuries with many unique features.

Knowing your products or services, and being a good manager, just isn't enough to be successful in Thailand. It is equally important to accept the fact that business operates at much slower pace and to understand that Thai people tend to mix their professional and private lifedoing business only when friendship and trust have developed between the parties.

The Business Guide to Thailand gives you the inside story on doing business in Thailand.

The Business Guides are aimed at business people requiring an accurate and up-to-date guide to how business is organised and regulated in Asia.

All contributors are experts and specialists in their fields, providing you with an unparalleled wealth of insider knowledge. Each chapter ispacked with the kind of information and advice usually available only to elite clients with large budgets for outside consultants.

Business Guides aim to cover:

· negotiation preparation
· marketing and distribution
· foreign trade
· taxation
· customs
· intellectual property
· business law
· foreign investment
· financing
· economic conditions and trends

Detailed technical information normally only available from consultants
Part of the Business Guide series