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European Governance: British Perspectives

European Governance: British Perspectives

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With the physical realization of European Monetary Union, and talk of a European constitution, it is time for Britain to consider how to get her people’s voices heard in the European Union. This book, a direct response to the European Commission’s 2001 White Paper on Governance, examines the consultation process, drawing from authors at the heart of Westminster and Brussels, and takes a look at how "e-democracy" could revolutionize the democratic process. It views the application of EU legislation from the perspectives of industry, local and national government and, finally, covers global governance, probing whether Britain wants the EU to speak with a single voice on the international scene.

* Contributions from eminent practitioners, parliamentarians and civil servants, lobbyists, diplomats and authors drawn from civil society, business, academia and think-tanks.

* Important issues for the Euro referendum

* Implications for global governance in the light of 9-11