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The European Union: A Guide Through the Ec/Eu Maze (Professional Paperback Series,)

The European Union: A Guide Through the Ec/Eu Maze (Professional Paperback Series,)

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The European Community, now mor widely referred to as the European Union, continues to develop. Worldwide economic problems have emphasized the fact that the world is becoming a global village where countries can no longer stand alone. More than ever it is important for everyone in the European Union to understand the broader political environment in which they live. Severe unemployment can only be counteracted by policies co-ordinatied not just nationally, but throughout Europe. The same applies to environomental protection measures and energy, transport and many other fields. The implications of economic and monetary union impact on many countries outside those seeking to achieve it - not least the UK.

This revised, updated and largely rewritten sixth edition of this well-established book is intended to be a guide to the European Union within the context of what you would like to know, setting out in simple language a wealth of information about many aspects of the European Union, including:

its origins aims and achievement decision making current and future developments

The book includes details of many of the programs and initiatives started to help various sectors where EC funds may be available: from tourism to transport, from small firms to science and technology programs.