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Market-Neutral Investing : Long/Short Hedge Fund Strategies

Market-Neutral Investing : Long/Short Hedge Fund Strategies

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Achieving ideal returns by diversifying away risk. Managing risk is a weightier issue than ever for professional investors. They're seeking downside protection as they grapple to remain fully invested in a hyper-inflated stock market. Market-neutral investing is one of the hottest strategies for achieving such protection. In this groundbreaking book, industry expert Joseph G. Nicholas opens investors up to new thinking on highly effective approaches to return enhancement and risk reduction through investment diversification. Nicholas shows how market-neutral investing techniques hedge exposures--to neutralize the impact of market volatility on investment performance. He demystifies these strategies and explains how to successfully put together a market-neutral portfolio. Nicholas shows the reader how to apply these approaches to a variety of investments from equity trades and fixed-income instruments, to convertibles and merger arbitrage. This is the one book that looks at market-neutral strategies head on, assessing strategies that have worked and those that have failed--and explaining why. Clear, insightful, and illustrated with numerous charts and graphs, Market-Neutral Investing is an invaluable guide for professional money managers.

Up Close and Neutral:
* The what, when, and why of market-neutral strategies
* Clear definitions of specific market-neutral approaches
* Profiles of seven market-neutral strategies, including risks and merits
* How to build a market-neutral investment portfolio
* Advice and insight from top money managers