The Battle for Investment Survival (A Marketplace Book)

The Battle for Investment Survival (A Marketplace Book)

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"Most of today's advisors are telling us to diversify into stocks, bonds, foreign stocks, and perhaps gold, to spread the risk; Loeb tells us to put all our eggs in one basket, and watch the basket." —from the Foreword by John Rothchild Financial columnist, Time magazine

In The Battle for Investment Survival, the turf is Wall Street, the goal is to preserve your capital at all costs, and to win is to "make a killing without being killed." This memorable classic, originally written in 1935, offers a fresh perspective on investing from times past. The Battle for Investment Survival treats investors to a straightforward account of how to profit—and how to avoid profit loss—in what Loeb would describe as the constant tug-of-war between rising and falling markets.

Acclaim for The Battle for Investment Survival

"About twenty years ago, I read Gerald Loeb's classic The Battle for Investment Survival along with Graham and Dodd's landmark work on security analysis. Ever since then, it has seemed to me, the investment books that have come across my desk have been a dreary collection of how-to-get-rich works that carry the same advice I had read in other books, or were simply filled up with meaningless information." —Ray Brady The Nation's Business

"This book is very special in my life. It is the very first Wall Street book I ever read. After reading 1,200 additional finance books, The Battle for Investment Survival's principles and concepts are still valid to consistent success." —Victor Sperandeo author of Trader Vic: Methods of a Wall Street Master

"What success investors eventually have is governed by their abilities, the stakes they possess, the time they give to it, the risks they are willing to take, and the market climate in which they operate.

I am certain that, depending upon the degree of proficiency with which they are applied, the experiences, ideas, guides, formulas, and principles outlined here can do no less than improve the readers' investment results regardless of what they might do." —from The Battle for Investment Survival

From the moment it first appeared in 1935, The Battle for Investment Survival altered the perceptions, attitudes, and strategies of investors all over the world. Sixty years and hundreds of thousands of copies later, it remains one of the most influential books on investing. Now, a new, updated edition of this all-time classic, including a foreword by John Rothchild, celebrates the extraordinary insights and timeless vision of Gerald M. Loeb.

While much has changed on Wall Street since 1935, the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to consistently make a profit remain as unchanged as the firmly anchored realities of capitalism's driving market forces. Organized in concise, easy-to-read chapters, the author offers everything an investor needs to know about sound investment principles. In The Battle for Investment Survival, the victor is the one who wields knowledge as a weapon. Distilled fromover forty years of Wall Street experience as a stockbroker, Gerald M. Loeb's realistic approach offers readers neither short-cuts nor get-rich-quick formulas. Instead, it gives investors—whether novice or expert, individual or institutional—a sensible, uncompromising and deftly written firsthand account of how to realize significant financial returns in today's market.

The Battle for Investment Survival is a tribute to the long-term and incredible opportunities of the market as much asit is a guide to protect investors from common mistakes and pitfalls. Gerald Loeb's timeless and profound insights are sprinkled with humorous allusions and good-natured bluntness. Recommended for investors by investors, this is a book that every reader can learn from.