The 5 Keys to Value Investing

The 5 Keys to Value Investing

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How to determine what stocks are really worth­­ and buy the best at a discount

"The Five Keys to Value Investing is practical, insightful, and a great roadmap to not only value investing but how to make money in the stock market." — Joel Greenblatt, Managing Partner, Gotham Capital

"Jean-Jacques has written a great how-to guide for both beginning and experienced value investors. He skillfully draws on the canon and legacy of the great value investors, suchas Graham and Buffett…a terrific addition on this time-tested methodology." — Eric T. McKissack, Vice Chairman, Ariel Capital Management/Ariel Mutual Funds

Investors left to pick up the pieces of the shattered stock market are rediscovering value investing­­ the time-tested technique based on assessing and buying businesses as opposed to "picking" hot stocks. The Five Keys to Value Investing provides a methodical framework for using value analysis to uncover investment opportunities based on their business strengths, and building a solid portfolio of stocks that is destined to provide superior long-term returns.

Written by a professional value investor who worked for the best, The Five Keys to Value Investing explains how to answer the four basic questions of value investing:

  • Does this stock represent a good business to own?
  • What is its balance between price and value?
  • What specific events will spur it to appreciate?
  • What arethe stock's safety levels?