Day Trade Futures Online

Day Trade Futures Online

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For those who are well suited to day trading and short-term trading, the futures market is one of the best games in town. As the original short-term vehicle, the futures market allows the trader to collapse the time frame in which he or she can reach the desired profit target-or pain threshold. As a result, wins and losses are compounded much more quickly than in stock trading-and, in the case of wins, often more profitably. The ability to gain leverage with very little on margin gives you, the trader, the ability to earn more off smaller swings. And enough home runs could allow you tobecome your own boss, work from home in your bathrobe, or even work from your cell phone while lying on the beach. So far, so good. But what does it take to win?

In Day Trade Futures Online, award-winning veteran futures trader Larry Williams gives a no-holds-barred view of the risks and rewards of this increasingly accessible arena. His straightforward approach to helping you determine your trading personality is the first step. Then he offers traders what they really need: strategies and tactics designed to beat the futures markets. From hardware and software setup to trading psychology and successful strategizing, this highly readable book covers all the bases needed to prepare you to trade online, including:
- Assessing your risk threshold;
- Streamlining the glut of trading and price information to make it work for you;
- The importance of knowing how to manage your money;
- Choosing an online broker and utilizing other online resources, such as news, chat rooms, and message boards;
- When to get out of your trades;
- Building a system based on Larry's time-tested strategies.

...and that's just for starters. Also included are an appendix of basic futures concepts and a select bibliography ofsome of the best learning resources. With good humor and brutal honesty, Williams guides you in building the trading system that will work best for you.

Get In On The Original Short-Term Game With Big-Time Profits:
With unflinching honesty and decades of trading experience, award-winning veteran futures trader Larry Williams lends his expertise to the many aspects of futures trading online, including:
- Winning strategies;
- Determining your trading personality;
- The art of using the Internet;
- Hardware and software solutions;
- History and development of short-term trading.