Secrets of the Undergroundtrader

Secrets of the Undergroundtrader

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Swing trading tips and techniques from Forbes's "Best of the Web" for 2000, 2001, and 2002

Short-term and swing trading has become the strategy of choice for active, aggressive traders and investors. Secrets of the Undergroundtrader details the advanced methods today's most successful traders live by, from stochastics and candlesticks to 3-price breaks, volatility signals, and more.

Each of these methods is tested daily in the trenches and is designed to allow traders to more accurately time entry and exit points in bull, bear, and nontrending markets. The authors open by explaining how the methods work and then provide step-by-step directions so traders can:

  • Learn and become comfortable with the method
  • Implement the method in the heat of trading
  • Manage the method both mentally and physically