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Breaking the Black Box

Breaking the Black Box

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McGraw-Hill's Martin Pring on Technical Analysis series introduced individual investors to the value and legitimacy of technical analysis­­helped by the worldrenowned Martin Pring brand. Each book focuses on explaining and demonstrating one of the key tools of technical analysis, while the interactive CD-ROM/workbook format helps traders develop their technical analysis skills.

The Martin Pring on Technical Analysis series is a compelling new chapter in supplying accurate, timely information to technical traders everywhere while, at the same time, introducing traders to the foundations and proven methods of technical analysis.

Martin Pring's Breaking the Black Box shows technical traders and investors how to design, build, and apply trading systems­­whether automated or mechanical­­for successfully trading in today's volatile markets. Martin Pring explains the basic ground rules and bedrock principles of technical analysis, and then builds from there with examples of several of his favorite systems. From the McClellan oscillator to proven intermarket systems of analysis, Pring explains how anyone can incorporate the benefits of technical analysis into his or her own trading program.