How To Be An Index Investor

How To Be An Index Investor

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The first book to introduce all investors­­from aggressive day traders to conservative long-term traders­­to the high-leverage, high-profit world of index trading

Index investments work like an index fund, trade like a stock - and have become Wall Street's hottest new investing phenomenon! Although profit potential and versatility has made day traders flock to this new vehicle, How to Be an Index Investor provides step-by-step instructions on how all investors canimmediately use these all-purpose securities for both instant profits and protection against risk.

From basic S&P and NASDAQ indexes to elaborate SPYDERS and WEBS, this book contains detailed explanations of the major index trading securities. Investors searching for more information on the ins and outs of index trading will find:

  • Strategies for electronic day trading of the indexes
  • Techniques and insights from index-trading stars
  • Tips for indexing world markets