Pay Yourself First : A Commonsense Guide to Life-Cycle Retirement Investing

Pay Yourself First : A Commonsense Guide to Life-Cycle Retirement Investing

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In this concise, accessible guide, Timothy W. Cunningham and Clay B. Mansfield, cofounders of the Life Cycle Mutual FundsTM, show you how to meet the financial challenge of retirement with a revolutionary new approach: life cycle retirement investing. Based on common sense, life cycle retirement investing breaks from conventional thinking and hard-to-understand modern portfolio theory to put you at the center of your retirement investing plan. Using stories and easy-to-understand basic concepts, Pay Yourself First gives you the right tools to take charge of your finances and achieve a secure retirement.

"A must-read for baby boomers who want to live happily ever after." —Peter Bernstein Editor, The Practical Guide to Practically Everything Executive Editor, U.S. News and World Report

"Starting with the title, there's loads of good advice in this book. The authors apply basic economic principles to illuminate the challenges of saving and investing. Readers will get a realistic, get-rich-slow plan for accumulating a nest egg to support them in retirement." —Thomas G. Donlan Editorial Page Editor, Barron's National Business and Financial Weekly Author, Don't Count on It: Why Your Pension May Be in Jeopardy and How to Protect Yourself

"Well written and insightful." —David N. Dreman, Professional money manager and columnist, Forbes magazine

"This book cuts through layers of obfuscation about intelligent investing for retirement. Mansfield and Cunningham should be on everyone's bookshelf next to Graham and Dodd." —Gordon Hally, Senior Vice President, Pacific Investment Management Company

"Easy to read, easy to follow. . . . It's hard to take exception to the logical plan for financial security presented in the book." —John W. Church, Jr. Executive Vice President, The Glenmede Trust