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How To Be a Value Investor

How To Be a Value Investor

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"From the bare basics to tips for the self-made sophisticate, Lisa Holton captures both the art and science of contrarian investing in her book HOW TO BE A VALUE INVESTOR, arming investors with the necessary tools and information they need to make informed investment decisions. Holton not only emphasizes the age-old values of investing—patience, due diligence, and conviction—but also brings a contemporary angle to her approach, making a convincing case for value investing as a wise and lucrative choice."
- Eric McKissack, CFA, Vice chairman and co-chief investment officer, Ariel Mutual Funds.

HOW TO BE A VALUE INVESTOR is designed to help you master—within hours!—the art and science of value investing. Built on the rock-solid value investing tenets that guided Warren Buffett, Benjamin Graham, and others, this concise but comprehensive wealth-building blueprint gives you practical, hands-on techniques so you can squeeze the most profit from today's volatile markets. Look for these other user-friendly books in The McGraw-Hill Mastering the Market Series:
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