It Was a Very Good Year : Extraordinary Moments in Stock Market History (Wiley Investment)

It Was a Very Good Year : Extraordinary Moments in Stock Market History (Wiley Investment)

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What, if anything, do the most spectacular, high-performance periods of the twentieth-century stock market have in common? And most importantly: Can we predict when they will occur again?

In this fascinating investigation, acclaimed author and financial authority Martin S. Fridson probes the past, leading an exhilarating tour through each of the twentieth-century stock markets golden years. Illuminating, entertaining, and rich in historical anecdotes, Fridsons book treats us to the opinions and investment strategies of some of the most prominent and intriguing figures on the scene.

"Timely, informative, and highly readable . . . It Was a Very Good Year offers wonderful insights into the years that provided spectacular gains in the past. There are important lessons in this book for all investors."—Henry Kaufman, President, Henry Kaufman & Company, Inc.

"A useful and extremely entertaining book. Its loaded with fascinating stock market lore and helpful investment approaches. I learned a lot and thoroughly enjoyed myself along the way."—Byron R. Wien, Managing Director, Investment Strategist for U.S. Equities, Morgan Stanley Dean Witter

"Financial history with a purpose–it is a Very Good Book."–James Grant, Editor, Grants Interest Rate Observer

"With this book, Marty Fridson joins the ranks of the must-read economic and financial historians. He is that rare combination of scholar, wit, raconteur, and man with an eye on the bottom line. Read it for amusement, education, or profit. You cant lose."—Ben Stein, writer, law professor at Pepperdine University and host of Win Ben Steins Money