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Getting Started in Online Investing (Getting Started In.....)

Getting Started in Online Investing (Getting Started In.....)

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In order to take full advantage of the myriad investment opportunities afforded by the Web, you need a solid, well-informed, up-to-date primer. This book is it. Cowritten by the CEO of Telescan, the leader in Internet-investing technology, and the President of CyberInvest.com, one of the leading online investment guides, it shows you how to seamlessly find and effectively use the vast array of online resources so you can make smart, sound financial decisions.

Providing practical guidance to help you find your cyber-bearings, Getting Started in Online Investing walks you through the various stages of the investing process while highlighting the full range of tools for each. Covering everything from finding investment ideas to managing your portfolio to keeping up with the market, it gives you the lowdown on brokers, online trading, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and futures, as well as the best sites for news, portfolio management, education, research, and much more.