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Small-Cap Dynamics: Insights, Analysis, and Models

Small-Cap Dynamics: Insights, Analysis, and Models

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Shrewd strategies for small-cap rewards. With the twenty-first century upon us, professional investors face the challenge of maneuvering in what many experts consider to be an overdriven market. The pros will be looking for ways to take advantage of market drivers and to find security in niche investment vehicles. For the shrewd, small-cap stocks have been instrumental in profitable portfolios, offering many attractive fundamentals. But without sound knowledge and a risk-wise strategy, small-caps can be dangerous turf. Wall Street strategist Satya Dev Pradhuman provides the insights and tools professional investors need to successfully navigate in the small-cap environment. As a leading small-cap analyst at Merrill Lynch, and one of the few top-tier authorities in the field, Pradhuman is a voice other market professionals depend on for reliable analysis of this segment. Small-Cap Dynamics is his definitive guide to small-cap investing for the professional investor. In this comprehensive and concise guide, Pradhuman presents a clear picture of the small-cap market in the context of asset allocation, drivers of small-cap cycles, and small-cap selection models. Valuable graphs and tables add to the power of this one-of-a-kind reference book.

ProsCapitalize on Small Caps with:
* Insights on how small caps fit into a global portfolio
* Tools on timing the small-cap cycle for both small- and large-cap investors
* Quantitative methods that are critical to successful small-cap investing
* Techniques for predicting rotations from growth stocks to value stocks