You Don't Have to Be a Bag Lady!: A Humorous Survival Guide for the Reluctant Investor

You Don't Have to Be a Bag Lady!: A Humorous Survival Guide for the Reluctant Investor

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Women Shake Off Bag Lady Fears and Laugh Their Way to Financial Literacy

Women are making more money than ever before, but they’re still afraid of becoming bag ladies. So, why don’t men struggle with being bag men or bums? Because the genders see money quite differently.

Men believe money is something they can always earn, while women see it as a pool that can dry up. What women don’t realize is that money is blind to gender. It doesn’t care whose pocket it’s in. What separates the haves from the have-nots is financial literacy.

You Don’t Have to be a Bag Lady! A Humorous Survival Guide for the Reluctant Investor, by Sheila Peters, is a laugh-out-loud guide for the new investor who wants to step onto Wall Street but needs some handholding. Reading like a memoir, each chapter shares the personal story of two young girls from a large family who notice early that their brothers have privileges they could only dream of. For years, they pine to be altar boys, but eventually wake up and realize that making money is the ultimate male rite of passage. Overnight they stop blessing the dog and get a paper route.

Ride along with the sisters and their moneymaking schemes, which also include scavenging for garage sales and ultimately driving a Good Humor truck. At the same time, you will learn the fundamentals of investing.

In addition:

· Begin a 6-month plan to get your financial house in order and start investing.

· Understand why women have been preconditioned to avoid investing.

· Discover why women are often better investors than men.

· Recognize that money gives you choices.

· Learn how the Internet can make investing easier.

· Decide if it would be cheaper in the end to hire a financial professional.

· Realize that your philanthropic donation can empower other women.