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Single Stock Futures

Single Stock Futures

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All about the trading world's hottest new product, from today's leading expert

Already hugely popular in London, and backed by Chicago's largest futures and options exchanges, single stock futures have the potential to be among the biggest in the U.S. marketplace. Single Stock Futures­­the first book on this exciting financial instrument­­explains what single stock futures are, how they work, and how to trade them, providing avid traders with both an introduction and an in-depth education on these hot additions to the futures marketplace.

The influential Bridge Trader says single stock futures "could end up becoming the biggest derivative of them all." Readers will find out why, as Single Stock Futures reveals:

  • Must-know specifics such as margin requirements and contract specifications
  • Market-tested strategies, including hedging, spread trading, and short selling
  • Advantages of single stock futures­­including liquidity and standardized contracts­­over outright stock ownership