Investing in a Post-Enron World

Investing in a Post-Enron World

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Asset-protecting strategies for the millions of investors spooked by the ongoing Enron debacle

The collapse of Enron--one of the most costly bankruptcy cases in history--has led millions of investors to question the safety of their portfolios and retirement plans. Investing in a Post-Enron World gives wary investors the tools they need to determine the safety of any investment and outlines a step-by-step program for ensuring that their portfolios are shielded from sudden disasters.

The first Enron book specifically for investors, Investing in a Post-Enron World pulls no punches in telling investors what to buy and whom to trust, along with red flags to watch for. Its numerous methods for minimizing risk and overexposure include:

  • A quick course in investing and finance
  • Guidelines for pulling the truth from financial statements
  • Rules for "Enron-proofing" a portfolio through diversification
  • Simple techniques for valuing a company and its stock
  • Ways to manage downside risk
  • How to become a "financial sleuth"