Protect Your 401(k)

Protect Your 401(k)

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Straightforward facts for all workers looking to protect their company 401(k) assets in a post­Enron world

From Enron on down, recent high-profile bankruptcies have awakened American workers to the vulnerability of their 401(k) plans and left millions wondering what they can do to protect themselves. Protect Your 401(k) hits this market with practical, accessible answers, explaining everything from what a 401(k) is to how to take full advantage of matching programs, assert control over investment policy, and more.

In-depth enough to guide readers from starting a plan through taking distributions, yet plain-talking enough to be understood by all workers regardless of their backgrounds, Protect Your 401(k) covers:

  • Simple steps every worker should take first
  • How 401(k) plans work
  • Advanced strategies for really putting a plan to work
  • Warning signs of a 401(k) provider in trouble
  • How to get your money out safely