America 2003 Predictions: Timing the Sectors of the Economy.

America 2003 Predictions: Timing the Sectors of the Economy.

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Who would benefit from this book?

It is especially beneficial for those who are looking for an alternative to traditional analyses conducted by Wall Street analysts and technicians. This book can be used concurrently with the works of analysts as a confirmation tool. The reader will see why it is a good confirmation tool when the events are revealed ahead of time acknowledging their ideas and hunches about the future direction. The book is for professional and novice traders, financial experts, and business leaders who are looking for a different kind of market timer. It is indeed an unusual book on stock and futures market prediciton. The writings are unique in a sense that unlike other market predictions, events and sectors are described as if someone is actually looking into a crystal ball and seeing the future.

The back cover features excerpts from the book. The innuendos point to or confirm various events that could influence the behavior of the company stocks in the marketplace. The succinctly packed information will challenge YOUR mind or even confirm ideas and anticipated events in the economy and the markets.

On March 11, 2003 The Dallas Morning News, Business Tuesday, Page 3D, an article by Eric Torbenson reports

"Union leader says bankruptcy at American may come soon." In America 2003 Predictions: Timing the Sectors of the Economy, May 2003 predictions state "The airlines will somehow find a solution to their problems. Many of the transportation companies may have found a way out of the union issues to bring cost down."

EXCERPT FROM MARCH PREDICTION: "In the tech arena, computers, network equipment products, and telecoms may experience a downturn also. The tech sectors are undergoing major fundamental shifts in manufacturing. RESULT: On March 12, due to Black Box Company warning, Cisco, Juniper, and the network sector came down.

ANOTHER EXCERPT FROM MARCH: "The following sectors may very well lead the market up after the mid-month:, clothing retailer, sporting goods........

RESULT ON March 10-12. Sylvan Learning Center and Nike UP on good REPORT.

This book will benefit YOU if you need to know "WHEN". Visit the website to read more about the book. If you are concerned about your employment, 401k, or pension plan, you will benefit from owning this book. Traders, investors, and other finacial experts can benefit from this foreknowledge.

The book also contains a section called "2003 in a Nutshell" which summarizes the entire years market and economic conditions. It highlights the salient sectors and "headline makers" of 2003.