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Barings Bankruptcy and Financial Derivatives

Barings Bankruptcy and Financial Derivatives

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This is the first systematic source which tries to explain how and why the 233-year old and the World's oldest merchant bank went into bankruptcy in a few days. It includes three parts with 10 chapters. Part I first describes what happened, then traces back the birth and historical glory of the Barings bank and family, and finally describes how it was sold to the Internationale Nederlanden Groep (ING). As many terms of financial derivatives are used in the first part, we try to provide an easy and systematic way to clarify the related financial derivatives products in Part II. This part first gives a general discussion of financial derivatives and a brief review of the historical development, growth, and magnitude of the financial derivatives markets. Itthen concentrates on futures and options in two chapters. Finally, we explain the hedging and speculating functions of financial derivatives and how they can be used in combination to achieve particular objectives! . Part III provides necessary information on the Japanese financial markets and then analyzes how a single trader could have so much power as to bring about Barings fall. Finally, we try to provide the lessons from this event.