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The Good Trader - A Year in the Markets

The Good Trader - A Year in the Markets

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Technology stocks crashing, dotcom disasters, telecoms in trouble, banks reeling... Durlacher, Marconi, Railtrack... an overvalued Pound and a strong Dollar strangling domestic industry... a Euro with a huge question mark attached - these are the stuff of investors' nightmares, and in recent months they've come true. How bad was it for you? Chris Dunn's expert eye deconstructs the financial news and sorts out the facts, figures and spin in this zippy diary for a roller-coaster year, matching his 'Good Trader's Guide to the Markets' with a facts-at-a-glance 'Ahead of the Session' section - everything you need to know about global rates, stocks, bonds and currency movements, including how not to lose it. For the professional and private investor, this is essential reading as the world stands maybe on the brink of recession - or boom! We should wonder if what Chris Dunn asks about America will shortly apply to us: Has the US consumer woken up to the stunning realisation that his decade-old conjuring trick of turning income into capital and then back into spending power is finally over? Is it all up for the boomers? Is an unpredictable Bank of England slowly being counted out? Time to retire with a six-pack and a video? Read The Good Trader and quake as you find out.