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Single Stock Futures: The Complete Guide

Single Stock Futures: The Complete Guide

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Trading in single stock futures has just begun. It gives incredible new opportunities to both stock and futures traders. Tremendous leverage, no uptick rule on short sales, and many other advantages will be available in many individual stocks.

This is the most revolutionary development in the financial industry in many years. This is the first book and only book on this fascinating topic. It is the definitive guide to every aspect, covering all the basics of futures, options, margins, and the mechanics of order placement. The background developments leading to the beginning of trading, the exchanges where trading will take place, and trading considerations are all covered in depth.

The many advantages of trading single stock futures over direct ownership of securities are clearly explained. The reader is taught everything he needs in order to get started in trading them.

From novice trader to seasoned professional, this book will prove a valuable addition to any investor's trading library. Be sure that when trading starts, you are ready to jump on the bandwagon.