Growth & Income: How to Build a Mutual Fund Money Machine

Growth & Income: How to Build a Mutual Fund Money Machine

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Would you invest 10 minutes per month to DOUBLE or TRIPLE the performance of your mutual funds? These simple, revolutionary strategies developed from over 2 years of doctoral research show you how!

GROWTH & INCOME presents an easy, step-by-step planfor investing in the real world without timing or predicting the markets. This book fully explains new techniques to invest in mutual funds to create growing account values and increasing income for the rest of your life automatically. Dr. Stoker's simple worksheets and procedures include all the latest changes from the Tax Payer's Relief Act of 1997 and will show you how to minimize taxes and boost your returns.

GROWTH & INCOME also includes a special section on building retirement wealth. You will learn which tax-deferred investments to pursue first (e.g., IRA, 401(k), SIMPLE, SEP-IRA, annuities, etc.) and how to make your investments last as long as possible after you retire. Buy this book now for yourself or a loved one, and learn how to retire early and how to earn 3 times your salary after you retire!

Dr. Stoker's academic research and personal quest for financial wealth over the last 20+ years have finally culminated in the exciting results published in this book. Dr. Stoker's techniques presented in this book show you how to magnify your mutual fund returns and create a growing income all with less risk than what you are doing now!

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(2) New Home Business Opportunity Created by the Tax Payer's Relief Act of 1997
(3) Higher Returns From Your Dollar Cost Averaged Accounts
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