Index Your Way to Investment Success

Index Your Way to Investment Success

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A winning investment strategy for today's volatile markets.

Long a secret guarded by financial insiders, index funds have become a favorite with individual investors of every level. Drawing on their years of experience managing institutional investments, Walter R. Good and Roy W. Hermansen give even novice investors the nuts-and-bolts know-how to boost returns and control risk.

Comprehensive and easy to grasp, this definitive guide covers the basics of indexing in theory, practice...and beyond, to innovative variations. Investors will learn precisely how index funds work. They'll also discover how to reduce costs, defer taxes, control risk and, in the process, beat the vast majority of actively managed mutual funds.

Packed with helpfulcharts and graphs, readers will learn how to: * choose the right fund * get started (with as little as a few hundred dollars) * develop a sound portfolio * gauge portfolio risk * assess portfolio performance * make adjustments to improve diversification

Hailed as "a landmark book" in the foreword by John C. Bogle, former Chairman of the Board of The Vanguard Group of Investment Companies, INDEX YOUR WAY TO INVESTMENT SUCCESS leads the way to mastering a stable and lucrative investment strategy.