Riding the Bull, Beating the Bear: Market Timing for the Long-Term Investor

Riding the Bull, Beating the Bear: Market Timing for the Long-Term Investor

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Praise for Riding THE BULL, Beating THE BEAR

"I have spent years researching market timing and I believe Eds methods are the best I have seen. At last, no one has to ever again experience the market losses like the year 2000. Everyone now has a simple way to maximize their 401(k) performance without spending hours each week trying to be well informed." —Eulon F. Purvis Jr., Registered Investment Advisor, Purvis Investments

"Riding the Bull, Beating the Bear introduces a solid market timing method that will help new or experienced investors reduce risk and maximize investment returns. Ed Yanis describes the Y-Process® market timing strategy that avoids all the pain and agony of a stock market correction. The Y-Process® is the best and simplest investment tool available for market timing; I encourage you to use it and profit from it!" —Lucy Reckleff, CFP, MBA

"I have been using the Y-Process® for several years. It gives me the buy/sell discipline that I never had. It protects my downside risks while letting the profits grow. Anyone can do it. Riding the Bull, Beating the Bear presents a clear road map to success in an easily understandable and interesting format." —Harrison Frank, President, HFA

"While I have read numerous books and articles and studied about investing in business school, only Mr. Yanis has succeeded in summarizing everything you need to know in one place. The format is logical and easy to read with practical advice for everyone, from the beginner investor to the professional. On top of that, the Y-Process® has really worked to help me preserve my capital and maximize my investments." —Sherry Greenfield, MBA, Group Marketing Manager, Boston Scientific Japan

"As a retired aerospace industry manager, Ive subscribed to and tested a dozen investment letters. Two of the twelve letters have been effective sources for stock selection. The Y-process®, developed by Ed Yanis and described in Riding the Bull, Beating the Bear, has been the most effective source for market timing." —William A. Waddington, Lockheed Martin Business Development Manager, Retired