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Wavesurfer: Surfing the Waves on Wall Street

Wavesurfer: Surfing the Waves on Wall Street

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Believing there must be a better way to invest in stocks, this author developed a unique but still easy to understand system to guide the average investor. The program is called WaveSurfer®. WaveSurfer permits its users to predict future price movements in their individual stocks by revealing to them whether their stocks are in a positive or negative trend and how strong that trend is. It gives turning points. It tells investors when to buy or sell. It filters out much of the useless information supplied to us by the media and by confusing daily stock price quotations.

This book explains how the markets really work and, thereby, it explains how WaveSurfer can accurately interpret its mysteries. To begin using WaveSurfer , all one needs is a computer with an accounting, program; or with a bit more effort, with only a pencil and paper.

Everything needful is supplied. Included, is the basic layout of the system and the necessary formulas; along with clear instructions on how to use WaveSurfer to trade.

Lately, the ordinary investor has taken a painful lesson in the markets; primarily because he has been investing blindly. WaveSurfer takes off his blindfold. Now is not the time to mournpast losses. Now is the time to get even. Learn to trade with the market, and not against it.