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Charting: An Introduction to Technical Analysis and Its Concepts

Charting: An Introduction to Technical Analysis and Its Concepts

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Michael "Tiny" Saul has built a tremendous following among day traders, short-term stock traders, and swing traders with his insightful, unbiased, real-time, chat-based market analysis and commentary in the Trendfund.com live trading chat room. Each andevery day he diligently analyzes the stock market with self-taught routines to uncover the best trading opportunities. In his new book, Charting, an Introduction to Technical Analysis and its Concepts, Saul divulges the technically based analysis and routines he employs in his real-time and end of day work.

Unlike most books on technical analysis, which include too much extraneous material and leave the trader poorly equipped to face daily challenges, Saul focuses on how to use a specific set of technical methods into a unified strategy for selecting short-term trading opportunities in all market environments.

Instead of being deluged with technical concepts, Saul teaches traders to focus on the methods necessary to pull the trigger on trades. Experienced traders will find Saul’s direct and easy to follow approach a breath of fresh air as he concentrates on what trading is really all about: finding consistent money-making opportunities.