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The Taylor Trading Technique

The Taylor Trading Technique

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For those interested in day trading and short-term trading in futures, this classic 1950 work is an indispensable reference. The 3-Day Method (a.k.a. The Book Method) described therein, maintains that markets move in a three-day cycle that can be tracked by measuring rallies and declines. Linda Bradford Raschke highly recommends this book and the principles it teaches. Table of Contents: Chapter 1: How the Market Trend is Made Chapter 2: How to Make Up a Trading Book Chapter 3: Uses for the Columns and Marks Chapter 4: The Symbols as Trend Indicators Chapter 5: A Buying Day Chapter 6: A Buying Day Low Violation Chapter 7: A Selling Day Chapter 8: A Short Sale Day Chapter 9: A Short Sale at High of Buying Day Made First Chapter 10: Failures to Penetrate Chapter 11: The Trend Line and Trading Areas-Market Trends Chapter 12: Limit Day Moves Chapter 13: The Three Day Swing Method Chapter 14: The Investor and Swing Trader Chapter 15: Pertinent Points Many illustrated plates and cuts.