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The Bond Bible

The Bond Bible

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Whatever your age, income or total assets, bonds belong in your portfolio. A symbol of security, bonds have long had a place in any well-rounded portfolio. As millions of baby boomers shift their focus from the lure of capital appreciation to the necessity of capital preservation, bonds are moving from a supporting role to the spotlight. Many individual investors, however, know precious little about them. Marilyn Cohen, one of the nation's best known columnists and commentators on the bond market, demystifies bond investing and offers a shopper's guide to finding great bond buys and a master blueprint for building a winning personal bond portfolio. Packed with facts, real-world examples, and savvy advice, The Bond Bible covers:

The right bonds-to-stocks ratio for a sound portfolio How to turn a bond investment from a safety net into a money-maker How to identify a genuine bond bargain How to determine which "store" gives the best value for different kinds of bonds The pitfalls of the bond market and how to avoid them The lowdown on bonds and taxes How to know when to sell a bond and for the best price The scoop on the latest trends, including on-line bond investing