Futures 101 : An Introduction to Commodity Trading (2000 Edition)

Futures 101 : An Introduction to Commodity Trading (2000 Edition)

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Curious about commodities?

If you're looking for a good book with an overview of futures, this one works.

FUTURES 101 tells how money is made and lost in today's fast-paced futures market and does so in an interesting style - part commentary, part verse, snippets rather than long chapters. Plus it does not try to sell you something or promise the moon.

This is all about commodity futures trading, a financial arena bigger than the stock market yet relatively unknown or understood.

Profits, pitfalls and dozens of subjects are covered in detail. Some examples even have sprinkles of trivia and smiles for clarity and to keep the reader awake.

Ordinary investors, professional investors, corporations, municipalities and pension funds make and lose money every day in the trillion-dollar futures business - FUTURES 101 explains how they do it.

An interesting side chapter analyzes the $104,926.00 profit made by Hillary Clinton many years before Bill Clinton was elected . This is an impartial, non-political look at the details of her trading and finds she did nothing wrong under the trading rules of the time.

Readers of FUTURES 101 are in four groups: new traders, potential traders, college students and people who are just financially curious.

This not a typical financial book and one reason is that the writing style is for folks who have a sense of humor and who like conversational reading.

FUTURES 101 is also used in private seminars, broker sales training, and college courses.

Order a copy today to learn more about this dynamic big money game or to fill in some knowledge gaps you may have.