Technical Trading Systems for Stocks & Commodities

Technical Trading Systems for Stocks & Commodities

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This book is a gold mine of information for systems-oriented traders and should be regarded as a major contribution to the body of literature on the topic.

Most books on systems deal primarily with the steps and procedures involved in developing yourown system, such as data selection, issues of optimization and curve-fitting, testing procedures, and evaluation of performance.

In contrast to others, this book is a collection of 82 systems already developed, with precise entry and exit rules already established.

The editors provide a short, detailed summary for each system. They leave no ambiguity whatsoever: Every step of the process for calculating signals is shown with exact mathematical precision and clarity. Many of the systems discussed come from well-known system developers and authors, amont them Larry williams, Don Worden, Richard Arms, Benjamin Crocker and Welles Wilder.

Of special note are eight systems developed by the late Richard Donchian, who never published his methods in any formal fashion and on whose work there is no reference material available in any form. I believe the systems detailed in this work encapsulate most of the technical work that Donchian developed, with the exception of such moving-average methods as his well-known 5-and 20-day system.

Many of the systems described herein were actually developed years ago, but in most cases, the original publications are no longer available in print. These would include such examples as William Dunnigan's Thurst Method, George Cole's Method, the Midian-line Method popularized by Dr. Alan Andrews and Gerald Appel, and the volume-based methods of Joseph Granville.