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Profitable Grain Trading

Profitable Grain Trading

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A classic on grain trading, this book is a virtual encyclopedia on all facets involved. Contains many technical trading systems and much market wisdom. Among Ainsworth's proteges was Chester Keltner, still one of the best-known grain fundamental analysists in the country.

Just as other trading books from the era offer, Ainsworth gives a straight forward commentary of his own trading experiences and ideas.

Ainsworth, basically a fundamentalist, provides mostly technical trading material. Some of the rules in the book apparently came from a contest in which Ainsworth offered $500 for the best trading rules submitted by his subscribers. One method, Year Around Trading Plan in wheat and corn, increased a $30,000 account to more than $500,000 over33 years, a return averaging $14,000 per year. He also gets into seasonal trends, short swing trading, the two-cent stop and many other rules that will interest traders.

Some of the material is out-of-date and price ranges today might make many of Ainsworth's strategies impractical, but any visit with an old master is a good trip, and this book is an excellent addition to any modern grain trader's shelf.