Covered Call Writing Demystified: Double-Digit Returns on Stocks in a Slower Growth Market for the Conservative Investor

Covered Call Writing Demystified: Double-Digit Returns on Stocks in a Slower Growth Market for the Conservative Investor

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"COVERED CALL WRITING DEMYSTIFIED" is a timely and profitable tutorial investment program written as a novel, primarily for investors who have some knowledge of stock market investing but are new to covered call writing. It is the first work on this subject to simplify, fully explain, and instruct investors on how to use covered call option writing on common stocks. It may offer one of the best opportunities to achieve double-digit investment returns in the slow growth or no growth stock market expectedby many experts in the future. This strategy works best in such a market environment. The investment approach of writing covered call options on stocks, a more conservative investment strategy than just owning stocks alone, has been available for decades. Until now, however, it has mostly been unknown or misunderstood by many investors.

Why is "COVERED CALL WRITING DEMYSTIFIED" needed? Many nationally recognized investment experts believe that the U.S. stock market in the future will most certainly produce significantly lower returns than the high returns of the past for many years to come. Some noteworthy examples:

* "The long-term prospects for equities in general is far from exciting." - Warren E. Buffett, The Chairman’s Letter, Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. 2000 Annual Report, Page 3. "If you own equities, over the next twenty or thirty years you’ll get a reasonable return…maybe its 6%, maybe its 7%. People who expect 15% a year are doomed to disappointment." - Interview withWarren Buffett by Maria Bartiromo of CNBC TV; May 3, 2003

* "Over the next century you should expect your share prices to average 6% (return) a year. Over the next five years, ten years, I think you’ll be lucky to come out even on share prices."- Sir John Templeton, pioneer in the mutual fund industry, Business Center, CNBC TV Interview; October 1, 2001

* "The Dow has gone absolutely nowhere for three, coming on four years now. I think this will last maybe for another ten years." - John Bollinger, noted technical analyst and creator of the "Bollinger Bands," CNBC TV Interview; October 29, 2001

"It’s wise to have realistic expectations on the overall returns you can expect in the stock market, which over time should clock in at about 6% to 7%. The days of double-digit annual returns are probably over for some time to come." – Suze Orman, "The Financial Connection."


(1) A detailed investment program is outlined for personal implementation to assist investors in achieving consistent double-digit returns utilizing covered call writing on common stocks. This investment strategy is most effective in a slow growth or no growth stock market, as is projected in the futureby so many investment experts.

(2) The entire subject matter is centered on a focused area of standardized options...covered call writing on stocks an investor owns or acquires in the future.

(3) A complete education on the subject is provided.

(4) Unlike other books about options, it is easy to understand by any investor. The book is written as a novel, which increases reader interest and ease of comprehension.

(5) Numerous easy-to-use Microsoft® Excel templates on a CD/ROM for PC use as well as manual worksheets are provided with the book to assist in making specific investment decisions regarding which covered calls to write on stocks, to effectively track results, and for other planning purposes.

(6) Practical application exercises are included at the end of the chapters to personalize the information provided and assist with profitable planning and execution.