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Stocking Up on Sin : How to Crush the Market with Vice-Based Investing

Stocking Up on Sin : How to Crush the Market with Vice-Based Investing

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Praise for Stocking Up On Sin

"Finally, in my old age, sex is paying off for me. Caroline Waxler’s book gave me many ideas on how to choose as close to a sure thing as you can in the stock market. I never thought that I and my entire family would benefit from Viagra and colored condoms."
–Joan Rivers

"Vice is nice when it comes to making big returns in the stock market. Caroline Waxler shows the investor the next great money machine. A riveting read and a revolutionary investment approach. Profit from it."
–W. Randall Jones, founder
Worth magazine

"An insightful and practical guide to the industries that many people would rather enjoy than invest in, this book will enable you to look at some of America’s most favorite vices in a whole new way. Besides being a fun read, Stocking Up on Sin will teach you how some bad habits can end up helping you to make some money. Both the novice and the experienced investor can pick up many helpful and profitable tips from this book."
–Chris Browne, Managing Director
Tweedy, Browne Company LLC

"Gambling, sex, drugs. . . investing in sin stocks could have you living like a rock star. Waxler delivers valuable tips and solid first steps for every investor looking to profit from the ‘dark side.’ A good, easy-to-read guide to making money from all things bad."
–The Motley Fool