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Street Wise: A Guide for Teen Investors

Street Wise: A Guide for Teen Investors

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Move over rock 'n roll-- teens are playing the markets as never before! Teen investors have powerful advantages over the rest of us. Many are whizzes at financial research on the Internet. They're quick to master discount stock trading online. Already, an estimated million kids are actively involved in the stock market. Often these teenage investors have amassed substantial nest eggs--even before they've finished high school. Although teen investors need adult cosigners for their brokerage and mutual fund custodial accounts, it's not unusual for them to be the driving force behind their parents' and relatives' investment decisions. Now teens have another leg up--a book that explains the successes and investment strategies of real-life teen investors, along with the wisdom of Wall Street pros, and tips on how to make the most of the Web. The popularity of stock-picking contests and high school investment clubs--along with successful marketing vehicles, such as Stein Roe's Young Investors Fund--have created a growing demand for investment information focused on teens, written for teens. This book provides exactly what they want.

Everything Teens Need to Know:
* Nuts and bolts of how to buy stocks and mutual funds
* Sidebars, factoids, lists, quizzes
* Stock market games sponsored by CNBC and Salomon Smith Barney
* Teen investor success stories
* Tips about online research sites
* Career opportunities in the investment world