Investing Despite Wall Street, Inc.

Investing Despite Wall Street, Inc.

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How investors can protect themselves from the wolves of Wall Street

On Wall Street, the "house" holds the keys--and everyone else risks being taken for a ride. Investing Despite Wall Street,Inc., is today's most open and unflinching look at how the denizens of Wall Street have always taken care of themselves first, at the expense of small investors, and what investors can do to protect themselves from such large-firm shenanigans.

Author and longtime Wall Street observer Fred Plemenos provides a simple, concise review of the basics of investing, and how to apply them to the new reality of today's stock market. Instructive investment principles and guidelines are designed to protect individual investors and their portfolios from Wall Street, and include:

  • Understand the sector you're investing in
  • Know the importance and influence of economic factors
  • Learn to use technical and fundamental analysis