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7 Secrets Every Commodity Trader Needs to Know

7 Secrets Every Commodity Trader Needs to Know

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The stock market has always intrigued me. The dynamics of finding sound companies prime for growth and profiting from their successes has an overwhelming attraction to most investors. Commodities, a shrinking investment realm by comparison, has always given the appearance of an all or nothing, rags to riches, dreamland. The truth is, however, commodities is enriched by concrete concepts and leveraged opportunities while the stock market holds the dreams of the derivative ownership in a company made up ofmore unknowns to the average investor than one would care to acknowledge.

My interest in commodities came about when I was introduced to leverage. Imagine being able to find a profitable strategy and then using the concept of leveraging your capital to create an exponential growth of profits. This is not merely a fantasy, but a reality found when properly investing in these markets. This book is designed to show you how to accomplish this ultimate goal by becoming a complete trader.

What is a complete trader? A complete trader is one who maximizes their utilization of all the tools and information available to them within a given market. This means combining the knowledge of technical tools and charting, gaining scope and perspective on the historical and present fundamentals of a market, and using proper trade designs to accomplish a risk managed and profit maximizing approach. Thus, using the tools and information available to minimize mistakes, control losses and maximize trade design to accomplish consistency in profitability. Every one of the secrets you are about to uncover in this book are about making you a complete trader. Anyone can make some simple technical forecasts, gain knowledge of the fundamental history of a market, and use futures or options to trade a market. But how many traders can make the analysis and decisions necessary to be a consistently profitable trader?

While exact figures vary depending on who you ask, they say 90% of commodities traders lose money. Only one out of ten will make money in this business; how is that possible? The majority of traders lose money because of lack of knowledge and understanding. Successful traders have knowledge, patience, lack of emotion, and perspective to make controlled investmentdecisions. As you read "7 Secrets" you will begin to grasp what it takes to be a profitable trader. There are no free lunches, can't miss trades, or windfall opportunities. Discipline, research, experience and patience make successful traders. You can beone of these traders if you take the steps outlined in this book to bring your investment skills to the next level; the level of a master trader.