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The Good Trader II - The Crash of 2002

The Good Trader II - The Crash of 2002

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Stockmarkets collapsing all across the world? Central Bankers derided in their counting houses, or, worse, menaced by trial and imprisonment? Grim fears of double dip recessions gripping investors? The end in Chaos and old Night of the longest bull run known to modern man? The year 2002 appears to have comprised all this, and more besides. By mid-October, the Dow was down around 30% on the year, bond yields were hitting lows not seen for decades, and stockmarkets across the world were starting to shudder in real earnest, as investors fled to the relative safety of the fixed interest markets. It is almost as if the lagged impact of 9/11 took about a year to catch up with investor sentiment. But the year 2003 ought to see substantial recovery in sentiment, as the US moves to complete its global repositioning. This seems bound to include a major realignment of the $; otherwise Ford may well file for Chapter XI. The upcoming year should witness a rebound in the Dow to some 10K and beyond. Investors ought therefore to start the New Year 2003 with portfolios oriented towards Euro and Yen strength, overweight meanwhile in favour of US corporates. Tokyo may well boom towards 13K and beyond. But how come, yowl the bears? How can this be? Why is the future coming up so rosy .? Now read on as Chris Dunn - markets watcher par excellence - follows up on Good Trader 1, which took the story up to 9/11, with a further virtuoso exercise in analysis. And watch for his conclusions - markets do look set to recover in 2003 but it will take very careful handling indeed by the world's central banks for this to happen. It could still all fall apart in a flash . Now read on .