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Taming Complexity: Beating the Dow 3 to 1

Taming Complexity: Beating the Dow 3 to 1

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This book differs from the usual technical analysis text because it brings a new and simple perspective to short-term trade stock selection. As you'll see, this book is based on the central idea that short-term trade stock selection procedures can be based on the same set of statistical methods now used routinely in business, engineering, medical research, and even in today's ubiquitous opinion poll analysis. In fact, it is just in aligning our technical analysis methods with these common statistical procedures that we tame the complexity of our technical analysis statistical tools, and thus our trading.

By reading this book, you'll learn about a small set of basic statistical tools that can be combined to form a simplified, yet profitable, short-term trading system. These are the statistical tools that I selected while designing, backtesting, and actively trading my own short-term trading system. I call this trading system MIDOS, which stands for Mechanical-In and Descretionary-Out System. In addition to a clear explanation of the MIDOS statistical tools, you'll find the conceptual framework of MIDOS fully explained in this book.