The Innovation Wave:  Addressing Future Challenges

The Innovation Wave: Addressing Future Challenges

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Innovation is a key driver of business success. Innovate or die, so business gurus tell us. But even organisations that once changed markets with the introduction of an innovative product often decline and fall into anonymity. The innovation challenge isnot about creating one radically different product but about how to create an innovative organisation that is capable of sustainable renewal and consistent winning performance.

The Innovation Wave brings together a truly world class group ofideas, tools, actions, and thinkers to help identify the trends, challenges and paradoxes of leading-edge innovation. Based on work conducted by the London Business School's Innovation Exchange, and supplemented by 'never-seen-before' contributions from a glittering array of stellar academics and professionals, including:

  • Gary Hamel
  • Costas Markides
  • Pierre-Yves Gerbeau
  • Gareth Jones
The Innovation Wave will completely revolutionise the way you think about innovation. Every area of the innovative approach is covered, including culture, leadership, strategy & vision and processes. Case studies highlight best and worst practices, with strong emphasis on relevance and application to the real world.CEOs, thought leaders, and students of innovation on MBA and advanced management courses, will gain a first-class understanding of how to build winning innovation performance in their own companies.