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Designing and Managing a Research Project: A Business Student's Guide

Designing and Managing a Research Project: A Business Student's Guide

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“The authors did an excellent job of addressing many of the ‘real world’ issues in conducting a business research project. They have given care to address some of the issues that often represent the major stumbling blocks for students engaged in business research projects… An excellent text… It is concise, very readable and addresses many of the issues that we, as instructors, grapple with as we assign research projects.”

—Andrew M. Forman, Ph.D, Hofstra University

Designing and Managing a Research Project is a concise, easy to read text designed to guide business students through the various aspects of designing and managing research projects. The focus is on research projects that have a solid academic basis, although some implications for more applied projects are also highlighted. It is divided into three main sections, "Laying the Foundations", "Undertaking the Research", and "Communicating the Results", which present a logical flow for the research project.  A unique aspect of the book is the inclusion of particular chapters on topics like supervision, group work and ethics, and the focus of the discussion of data analysis (qualitative and quantitative). The authors have applied their years of past experience in supervising student projects, when writing this book to provide some actual examples of problems and practical guidelines. 

This unique book presents a step-by-step guide for undertaking Research Projects that is multidisciplinary in focus and student friendly in style. It could be used, as either a text, or a supplementary text on courses in management (including industrial psychology), and marketing. Graduate students in related fields such as health care administration, public administration, and nursing administration would also find this text useful.