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The Art of High Stakes Decision Making: Tough Calls in a Speed Driven World

The Art of High Stakes Decision Making: Tough Calls in a Speed Driven World

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Praise for the art of High-Stakes decision-making

"Most of us make great decisions most of the time. The trouble comes when we make poor decisions, and the consequences are serious. Murnighan and Mowen have shown us how to avoid these kinds of disasters. Not only that, they’ve provided us with a wealth of research-based information in a completely engaging way. Their stories and their analysis hit the mark."–– Donald Jacobs, Gaylord Freeman Distinguished Professor of Banking, Dean, J. L. Kellogg Graduate School of Management

"As a CEO for the past twenty-two years, I recognize the value of learning about the tribulations and experiences described very clearly in this book. We can improve our performance by examining the way others managed and mismanaged situations."–– Philip Crosby, author of Quality and Me: Lessons from an Evolving Life

"Employing a novel technique and real-life examples, the authors provide the reader a road map for making high-stake decisionsin a complex world. Moreover, because the decision-making process suggested utilizes a uniform procedure and a common language, the technique enhances the prospects for effective communication throughout an organization. Don’t go to the office without it!"–– Dr. William N. Griggs, Partner, Griggs & Santow Inc.

"Murnighan and Mowen offer a fascinating set of real-world examples that can help executives make wiser high-stakes decisions. This intriguing work offers unique insight into executive decisions through its focus on critical decisions, rather than the common decisions that are [usually] the focus of academic work." –– Max Bazerman, Jesse Isidor Straus Professor of Business Administration, Harvard Business School